Oracle has launched its first cloud region in Chile, comprising several geographically distant data centers.

The company also operates a region in São Paulo, Brazil. Customers will have access to the company’s cloud database, infrastructure and application services, as well as to Kubernetes, VMware and to the company’s private FastConnect cloud service.

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Cloud aficionados

In a statement, the company said Chile was chosen “as a strategic region” because of its high rate of cloud service adoption, which it says is greater than other Latin American countries.

This, according to IDC Latam’s enterprise program manager Juan Pablo Seminara, will mean that more customers will benefit from the low-latency afforded by local facilities, as well as having their data sovereignty concerns met. He argued that the data centers will “become a catalyst for increased productivity and bolster open innovation for local ecosystems.”

Nelson Rojas, leader of Chilean asset management firm Caja Los Andes, added: “We deeply value that Oracle, which is part of our collaborative ecosystem, has decided to install its data center in Chile because that provides us with greater and better connection facilities to our data, as well as better performance of our systems since proximity adds speed and reduces latency in the connection.”

Oracle has been on a capacity growth spree this year, launching 13 cloud regions - a third of its total of 29, which exceeds the company’s own goals set out in 2019 - and making good headway on achieving 38 worldwide by the end of 2021.

The company aims to have at least two regions in each of the countries it operates in.

Current locations include Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Chuncheon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Sydney, and Melbourne in the Asia Pacific region. Across the Americas, it has sites in San Jose, Phoenix, Ashburn, Toronto, Montreal, São Paolo, and now Chile. Over in EMEA, the company has regions in Frankfurt, London, Zürich, Amsterdam, Newport (Wales), Jeddah and Abu Dhabi (Dubai).

The company also operates two general US Government regions, three US Department of Defense (DoD) regions, and another two government cloud regions in the United Kingdom.