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Certifying energy efficient & sustainable data center facilities around the world

What is CEEDA®?

The Certified Energy Efficient Datacenter Award or CEEDA® is an independently evaluated global certification program designed to recognize the implementation of energy efficiency best practices in data centers.

Multiple specialist disciplines are required to run a data center. CEEDA was created to provide an assessment process where the standards from specialist disciplines are combined to provide an optimized and holistic assessment of energy efficiency practices in real-world conditions.

The framework based on a combination of standards from: ASHRAE, Energy Star, ETSI, ISO, plus the European Code of Conduct and Green Grid metrics.


This combination provides an assessment of energy efficiency and also core sustainability practices centred on energy, materials, the circular economy and impacting 8/17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What does CEEDA® give you?

  • Globally recognized energy efficiency certification

    We have developed specific assessments for Colo, Enterprise and Telco data centers; for greenfield designs and existing facilities, so that organizations can publicly demonstrate their leadership in CSR

  • Independent verification of energy efficiency and sustainability metrics

    Our audited evaluation process independently verifies key performance metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness [PUE] (ISO 30134-T), advanced metrics including CUE / WUE, and site specific/grid energy mix.

  • Recommendations for performance improvement

    Certified facilities benefit from an energy efficiency performance uplift of 5%-15% on average, as well as an operations gap analysis against globally recognized best practice, providing further potential to minimize carbon impact.

  • Harmonization of best practices within and across your data center teams

    CEEDA provides valuable insight into the policy, process and procedures of each certified facility across your organization, improving your ability to implement a consistent operational approach across sites.

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We certify facilities around the world

Adapted for different facility types

  • CEEDA Colo

    Allows colocation providers to demonstrate the implementation of energy efficiency best practice in the parts of the facility directly under their control, leveraging the findings of the assessment process to improve their operations.

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  • CEEDA Enterprise

    Enables owner-operators of existing facilities to validate and certify their on-going energy efficiency strategy. It helps to develop frameworks for maximizing the performance of their existing infrastructure assets and put operational disciplines in place to maintain them.

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  • CEEDA Telco

    CEEDA Telco is adapted to the specific environmental and operational requirements of facilities which are dominated by telco equipment, but which retains the flexibility to deal with mixed-use enterprise and colo environments.

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  • CEEDA Design/Operate

    Assesses the incorporation of the most advanced energy efficiency best practices at the design stage, and also in the operating facility.

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How do you get CEEDA certified?
  • We are delighted to have attained this achievement - we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and developing an energy efficient data center is part of this. To have achieved a CEEDA Gold standard is excellent.

    Richard Harris, CIO, ARM
  • Through following some of the CEEDA elements, the reduction of energy usage has been a measurable factor - at the same time as computing load has been increasing, we’ve managed to deliver more for less.

    Steve Watt, CIO, University of St. Andrews
  • We are proud of the certification – it is useful to be able to tell customers that apart from the high availability, we have high efficiency: customers appreciate that is a continuous, on-going necessity.

    Dax Simpson, Director, Data Center Infrastructure, KIO Networks

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