How do you get certified?

The 6 stage process explained

Once you have decided to go ahead, the assessment and certification process can be completed in a minimum of 12 weeks. Here are the stages that take you through to completion:

CEEDA Stages

Certification Levels

The assessment comprises a cumulative graded framework of these practice criteria. For compliant facilities, the resulting certification award may be made at ascending levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold. The assessment is a cumulative process: to attain Silver, the data center must be sufficiently compliant at Bronze level. To attain Gold, the data center must be sufficiently compliant at both Bronze and Silver levels. The table below shows a representation set of assesment criteria:

Bronze Level

-Integrated IT, Service Provision, M&E teams

-Modular UPS

-Optimize part load operation

-Variable speed drives

-Appropriate resilience

-Separate environmental zones

-Appropriate power density


-Business-led resource sharing platform grid & virtualization

-High COP chillers

-Contained hot/cold air

-Equipment segregation

-Hot/cold aisle

-ASHRAE A2/ Increase working humidity range

-Elevated IT operating temperature

-Raised floor/suspended ceiling

-Maximize part load efficiency

-Variable speed fans CRACS 

Silver Level

-Embedded energy

-M&E environmental operating ranges

-Extend operating temperature and humidity ranges

-Energy Star IT hardware

-Waste heat reuseage devices

-Waste heat reuse

-Power management new IT assets

-Water metering

-Prioritize power in new device selection

-Heat pump assisted waste heat reuse

-High efficiency UPS

-Provision power and cooling to power draw of IT equipment

-Free cooling

-Energy & temperature reporting hardware

-Select free standing equipment to optimize air flow

-Scheduled audit 

Gold Level

-External control of equipment energy use

-Liquid cooled IT equipment

-Dynamic building cooling control

-IT equipment inlet environmental conditions

-PDU level metering of IT energy consumption

-Control whole system energy use

-PDU level metering of M&E

-Row and rack temperature metering

-Algorithmic efficiency in software

-Capture rainwater

-IT device level temperature metering

-Coefficient of renewable energy

-Green power procurement

-IT device level energy metering

-Automated energy and environmental reporting console

-Automated energy and environmental metering

CEEDA Incorporates Best Practices, Standards and Metrics From:

Approved partner network

As a data center owner and operator wishing to engage consultants in design, build, retrofit oroperations, by leveraging CEEDA Approved Partners you will be able to ensure that your projects are compliant with the most up-to-date energy efficiency best practices, and that you are maximizing the value of your CAPEX by minimizing your on-going energy-related OPEX.

CEEDA Approved Partners are able to conduct design, build and operational consultancy which is compliant with the CEEDA framework in the critical areas of power, cooling, provisioning, IT equipment and services.

Partner companies have access to the full set of tools related to the delivery of the CEEDA process and services and are able to apply these in the process of conducting their work. They also have full technical and process support of the network of CEEDA assessors and auditors.

By engaging a CEEDA Approved Partner, you will be able to more easily access the full CEEDA program and services, delivering full assessment, compliance, certification, market positioning and on-going performance improvement benefits.

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