14 July 2020 Hotel Mulia Senayan

Star plenary panel: Regulation, politics, connectivity, and capital - what will Indonesia’s data center map look like in 2025?

In an increasingly digital-ruled society where e-commerce is becoming king, netizens total over 171 million, and mobile devices are in abundance, there is a burden placed on the data center industry to design, build, deploy, and operate evermore complex mission-critical infrastructure. Fulfilling these requirements against the backdrop of regulatory developments can be a difficult task to accomplish. Data localization has bolstered colocation residency and new builds, but the growing number of enterprises migrating data into Indonesia raises concerns that compute capacity will not meet demand. Expansion outside of Jakarta, particularly with the relocation of the capital, raises logistic challenges and financial burdens that could act as a barrier to further, country-wide data center growth.

Join key representatives from throughout the mission-critical value chain as they assess the high-level factors that are influencing the industry today. Explore whether data sovereignty under GR. 82 and recent e-commerce rules have sufficiently encouraged proliferation of quality data centers to accommodate capacity demand, what the impact of 5G will be on expansion, and how the data center ecosystem can prepare for this. How will all of this shape the road-map to 2025 and beyond?