Conduent and Voya Financial are among the companies to have adopted Oracle Database@Azure to aid their cloud migrations.

Oracle Database@Azure is an agreement between Oracle and Microsoft to colocate its Exadata database-optimized servers and Real Application Clusters in Microsoft Azure data centers. The solution was announced in September 2023, and became available in its first region in December 2023, Microsoft Azure East US.

Microsoft Oracle
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, left, and Oracle founder Larry Ellison – Microsoft News

Users of Oracle Database@Azure have access to all the abilities of the Oracle Database, alongside Azure services such as the OpenAI Service for generative AI applications.

Conduent, which provides digital business solutions to commercial, government, and transport sectors, has migrated its on-premises Oracle Exadata environment to the cloud with Oracle Database@Azure.

The move has helped the company process millions of toll management and billing transactions per day, improved application performance, and enabled real-time transaction processing.

“Our customer base of Fortune 100 companies and more than 600 government and transportation agencies depend on us to help streamline their business processes and end-user interactions, which makes transaction speed a top priority,” said Mark Prout, chief technology and information officer of Conduent. “With Oracle Database@Azure, we’ve been able to leverage cross-cloud low latency to improve application performance and streamline the management of our IT infrastructure."

Voya Financial, a health, wealth, and investment company, has similarly migrated to the solution using the Oracle Exadata Database Service.

Santhosh Keshavan, executive vice president and chief information officer, Voya Financial, said: “By leveraging Oracle Exadata Database Service, we are now able to achieve the same benefits in the cloud, as well as migrate applications and workloads, so we can continue to react and respond to our customers’ needs and ultimately help them achieve their financial goals.”

In addition to Voya Financial and Conduent, Vodafone is also a customer of Oracle Database@Azure.

Karan Batta, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said: “With Oracle Database@Azure, customers are able to move a wide variety of workloads, including mission critical financial systems and transportation billing systems, to the cloud. As we see global businesses such as Conduent, Vodafone, and Voya Financial adopt Oracle Database@Azure, it is clear that multicloud is the future—and we look forward to continuing to expand Oracle Database@Azure globally to meet this demand.”

Thus far, the offering is available in three regions, East US, UK South, and Germany West Central. In March, Oracle founder Larry Ellison revealed the company would be expanding the service to an additional five regions. This has since increased, with the expectation that a total of fifteen regions will be available by the end of 2024 including Australia East, Brazil South, Canada Central, France Central, Central India, Italy North, Japan East, Southeast Asia, Sweden Central, Central US, South Central US, and United Arab Emirates North.

Nvidia H100 and A100 GPUs available in Oracle's US Government Cloud region

Meanwhile, Oracle has revealed Nvidia H100 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs are now available in its US Government Cloud region.

It is working with GPU maker Nvidia to help US government customers to train and deploy AI solutions.

Dubbed Nvidia AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster, the solution is said to meet the security and sovereignty requirements of customers. Users can conduct tasks such as semantic search, document understanding, clustering, and content summarization, an Oracle statement explained.

“Government agencies previously faced limitations in deploying their AI initiatives,” said Rand Waldron, vice president for the global government sector at Oracle. “With Nvidia AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster in our government cloud regions, we lead the charge in sovereign AI adoption and innovation without compromising security.”

Ian Buck, vice president of hyperscale and HPC Computing at Nvidia, added: “Sovereign AI can be a transformative force for governments seeking innovation through generative AI while also maintaining strict security and compliance.

“With Nvidia AI Enterprise software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, developers can use a full-stack accelerated computing platform to develop proprietary, secure AI applications that help improve operations and the lives of citizens they serve.”