It's 2024 and conversations around Edge continue to evolve in the data center world. There’s much debate about whether the industry has seen the full benefits of Edge.

A lot is promised though, with Statista projecting the Edge computing market to be worth $317 billion by 2026. That’s just two years away. If those numbers are to be believed, it show just how much potential there is around Edge computing, especially around all the use cases poised to proliferate at the Edge. There’s a lot of promise around VR, AR, IoT, in particular, while AI continues to get the industry talking.

Read the Edge supplement where we delve into Edge's potential with features on:

  • The distant world of satellite-connected IoT
  • How to drive higher productivity on factory floors with industrial Edge solutions
  • Flexnode: Deploying scalable modular data centers at the Edge
  • Why Intel is making big bets on Edge AI