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On the Edge of entertainment

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The integration of Edge computing in entertainment holds the promise of revolutionizing the industry and rapidly expanding the amount of data being stored and processed. From enabling real-time processing for quick decision making in sports, expanding the possibilities for creatives in a rapidly evolving visual effects landscape, to meeting the needs of the billion-dollar gaming industry - Edge computing is changing entertainment.

To better understand the impact Edge computing is already having, we will look at case studies from some of the biggest names in entertainment to see how they’re adapting to the changing technological landscape and what it means for the future. This episode will explore:

  • 5G infrastructure investments in the entertainment venues of the future
  • How portable data centers increase decision making reaction times in fast-paced environments
  • Impacts of on-site computing capabilities for the next generation of special effects
  • Drivers for low-latency in the expansive gaming industry