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Sustainability is more than just a target for data centers; it is a mission critical activity. In order to secure investment, maximise profits, comply with environmental regulations and ensure their position in a greening economy, data centers have to take practical measures to decarbonise their operations. However, whilst the industry is increasing its efforts, greenwashing and carbon offsetting are still rife, which begs the question ‘how much progress is really being made?’.

This broadcast will provide a series of practical case studies from industry leaders who are paving the way towards a sustainable future. By addressing key topics such as the transition to renewable fuels, heat reuse, energy matching, circularity, equipment repurposing and fuel cell innovation, this series will provide details of the tangible outcomes that are aiding the data center advance their journey to a greener future for digital infrastructure.

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Series contributors include...

  • MichaelWinterson_ynL2d4R.max-800x600 crop.jpg
    Michael Winterson Managing Director, The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA)
  • chris.jpeg
    Chris Pennington Director, Energy and Sustainability, Iron Mountain Data Centers
  • Gary Demasi.jpeg
    Gary Demasi Global Director, Data Center Energy and Location Strategy, Google
  • lex coors.jpeg
    Lex Coors Visiting Professor at UEL & Chief Data Center Technology & Engineering Officer, Digital Realty
  • JimCollins.jpg
    Jim Collins Director of Energy Markets, Microsoft
  • stacy-smedley skanska crop mono.jpg
    Stacy Smedley Director of Sustainability, Skanska USA Building & Executive Director, Building Transparency
  • Travis_Wright QTS mono lead.jpg
    Travis Wright Vice President - Energy and Sustainability, QTS Data Centers
  • New Project - 2021-02-08T145634.496.jpg
    Alban Schmutz Chairman of CISPE & SVP Public Affairs, OVHcloud

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