Maikel Bouricius

CCO, Asperitas

Maikel has been working since 2010 on clean and green technology solutions, projects and business. Since 2017 leading the marketing team of Asperitas, prior to Asperitas at Green IT Amsterdam managing more than 15 datacenter innovation and sustainability projects. Asperitas mission is to deliver sustainable and high performance datacenters for emerging digital technologies with Immersed Computing anywhere they are needed. Asperitas has been awarded as "Hottest European Greentech Startup"in 2018 by Europas/Techcrunch, also selected as Global Changemaker by Innovators Magazine and the winner of the Shell New Energy Challenge in 2018.

Maikel has been a frequent speaker at datacenter industry events and has been included twice in the Dutch top 100 list for innovators on sustainability.

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