Google is planning a new data center region in Greece.

The company announced the news this week at an event attended by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Aerial view of Athens
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Details around timelines or locations were not shared, but Athens is a likely location.

"Today, we are very pleased to be announcing our first cloud region in Greece which will provide storage and cloud services for Google customers," said Adaire Fox-Martin, president of Google Cloud International, announcing the investment at an event in Athens.

"Investments, especially in cutting-edge sectors, are always our non-negotiable and constant priority. Not only because they create national wealth and new well-paid jobs, stopping the brain drain, creating a new tendency for young people to return to our homeland, but because at the same time these investments mobilize and modernize business activity as a whole. While, at the same time, they are also upgrading our country on the world map of utilizing international funds,” Prime Minister Kyriakos said.

Microsoft announced plans for a Greek Azure region in Athens in 2020. The company has not set a firm launch date. None of the other hyperscale cloud companies operate or have announced plans for a cloud region in Greece.

Google operates European cloud regions across 10 markets with two others in development.

2022 has seen Google launch GCP regions in Milan, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Columbus, Ohio; and Dallas, Texas. It has also broken ground on data centers in Columbus, Ohio; and Omaha, Nebraska. It has also launched a new facility in Singapore. The company has acquired land in Hamina, Finland; Groningen, the Netherlands; and Kansas City's Northland.

It also announced plans for its first cloud region in Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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