Google is to launch a new cloud region in Mexico.

Details including a timeline to launch weren’t shared. The company didn’t include the location of the new region in the announcement and at time of writing hadn’t updated its regions' location map.

– Google Cloud

When it launches, the new cloud region will be our third in Latin America, joining Santiago, Chile, and São Paulo, Brazil.

Google said the new region will provide local customers with low latency, high security, data residency, and compliance standards, including specific data storage requirements.

“We will work with our local and regional customers to ensure the cloud region fits their unique and evolving needs,” the company said.

"We are very excited about the announcement of a new cloud region in Mexico. It shows the commitment that Google Cloud has with its customers," said Antonio Guichard Gonzalez, Digital Executive Director of local retailer El Puerto de Liverpool. "In Liverpool, we will continue to work with Google Cloud to find solutions to our biggest challenges and accelerate our digital capabilities."

All of the major US hyperscalers are looking to Mexico. Oracle recently launched a Mexican cloud region in Querétaro. AWS already has two CloudFront Edge locations in Querétaro and is reportedly planning a full cloud region there. Microsoft is currently developing an Azure region in the area as well.

Huawei has one Mexican facility near Mexico City, and announced plans for a second Mexican facility in Tultitlan last year, without providing details.

2022 has seen Google launch GCP regions in Milan, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Columbus, Ohio; and Dallas, Texas. It has also broken ground on data centers in Columbus, Ohio; and Omaha, Nebraska. The company has acquired land in Hamina, Finland; Groningen, the Netherlands; and Kansas City's Northland.

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