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Data centers are under more pressure than ever. With the cost of operations increasing, it is vital that operators showcase themselves as a profit center rather than a cost center. With the risks of operating a data center increasing due to higher density workloads and the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape, data centers must create a risk-based approach to security. On top of this, the advancements in technologies for operations, including AI, ML & digital twins, means that it is imperative operators educate themselves in order to utilize these in the most effective way.

This broadcast will provide insight into how data centers can modernize their operations, and gain superior oversight of their whole faculties. With data centers facing an influx of data through superior monitoring technology and a workforce shortage, which data points really need to be tracked? Critically, speakers will explore how operators can manage their distributed digital infrastructure, in a way that advances sustainability goals & safeguards customer data.

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