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Who’s building what, where and for whom in the Nordics?

A recent report listed four Nordic countries in the top 10 of most attractive places to build data centers, with Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland ranking high in grid stability, favourable property tax regulation and availability of land. With the region powered by an abundance of green electricity unlike any other in the world, we ask, how are players in the Nordics leveraging their inherent sustainability advantage? Who’s building where, what and for whom, and at what cost?

This mini-series gathers industry leaders from across the region to examine and debate how these ever-increasing capacity demands will be met, albeit sustainably. From FLAP comparisons to demand response and circularity, our experts will delve deep into the current market trajectory of the most alluring data center territory in the world as they build at scale and speed to meet demand for sustainable digital infrastructure.

Episodes streaming live at 2pm CEST (UTC+2) on the 19th of May 2022

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