Microsoft may be planning to develop a new data center campus in Plano, Illinois.

Microsoft Plano Illinois
Microsoft is said to be buying around 500 acres around Eldamain and Corneils roads in Plano, IL – Google Maps

WSPY News reports the company is acquiring around 500 acres around Eldamain and Corneils roads from three landowners. Closing is said to be happening this week.

Attorney Dan Kramer, who is representing one of three land owners, told the publication that Microsoft will be purchasing property recently annexed into Plano by the city council and rezoned to allow a data center.

Kramer says that Microsoft's involvement is a matter of public record at this point in the process.

WSPY has reached out to Plano City Hall for comment.

Plano, Illinois – not to be confused with the Dallas suburb of the same name in Texas – is a city near Aurora in Kendall County, more than 50 miles west of Chicago.

Reports that a data center was being considered for the land surfaced in March.

Last year Microsoft acquired 30 acres of land in the Hoffman Estates area of Chicago for $41.5 million. The acquired land is adjacent to the 53-acre site on Lakewood Blvd where Microsoft is currently developing two data centers. The first 250,000 sq ft (23,200 sqm) building is under construction. The company gained permission for the two buildings in May 2021; the second will span 150,000 sq ft (14,000 sqm).