British Music rights management organization PRS for Music has moved its royalty payment database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Thus far, PRS has migrated payments for its 165,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers.

Oracle Cloud
– Oracle

The company commenced a two-year cloud migration journey in 2019, in which it left two physical data centers and instead opted for the Oracle-hosted multi-domain cloud infrastructure, which went live in 2021.

The migration of the royalties system to the Oracle Exadata Database Service is an extension of the existing digital transformation efforts. According to PRS, the migration has been "instrumental" in its ability to pay out £836 million ($1.04bn) in royalties in 2022, a 23.5 percent increase on the year prior.

The workload for music royalties management companies has dramatically increased with the popularity of music streaming services. In 2021, PRS processed 27 trillion lines of music data, a 500 percent increase compared to 2017. The company says it can scale more efficiently in the cloud than it could in physical data centers.

“Working with Oracle to migrate our distribution systems to the cloud was a seismic shift in infrastructure for PRS for Music, and a landmark moment in our industry," said Mark Krajewski, managing director of strategic alliances and CIO, PRS for Music.

"We have more control over our data than ever before, allowing for better data-driven decision-making and greater speed, transparency, and accuracy in royalty distributions.

“Customers are dealing with more data than ever before, and this is increasing at a daily rate,” added Nick Wallace, UK cloud leader, Oracle. “By leveraging the Exadata Database Service on OCI, PRS for Music is in a position where it can meet the growing volumes of data to ensure it continues to deliver a seamless service to its customers.”