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Carbon removal - Overcoming challenges to advance a sustainable future

This episode will stream live at 9:00am ET

In order for the world to achieve the 1.5C climate target set by the UNFCCC, organizations must commit to deep reductions in carbon emissions and increasingly consider removing legacy emissions. Carbon removal offers a means to address hard-to-abate emissions today, and prepare technologies and nature-based solutions to address legacy emissions over the long-term.

In this fireside chat, DCD will sit down with Microsoft’s Senior Director of Energy & Carbon Removal, Brian Marrs, to discuss their commitment to remove the equivalent of all historical emissions since the company’s founding by 2050. The conversation will explore:

  • Why is carbon removal important to Microsoft? Where does carbon removal fit into the corporate landscape on climate action?
  • How to achieve high-quality carbon removal in a sector where assessing the validity and quality of projects is challenging
  • The ways in which Microsoft is supporting solutions that meet their criteria, while maintaining practical strategies for corporate procurement