Rostelecom has expanded its Yekaterinburg data center in central Russia.

The Russian telco’s data center unit, Rostelecom-DPC, this week announced the launch of expanded capacity in the facility in the city, located on the Iset River in Sverdlovsk Oblast.

The new expansion will have space for 216 racks and a total capacity of 2MW. The new capacity will double the current footprint of the Tier III quality facility, which opened in 2019.

First Deputy General Director of Rostelecom Data Center Yuri Samoilov said: “We see a stable demand for regional data centers: the capacities of the first stage of the data center in Yekaterinburg have already found their customers, so we are actively developing this area. The second stage is designed to help companies in the Urals and Siberia implement digitalization projects."

The company operates data centers in Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Udomlya, and Chita. Further facilities are planned in Murmansk.

As well as opening a number of new facilities this year, the company recently announced plans for a 55MW hyperscale data center in Moscow.

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