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Exploring the evolution of enterprise data center workloads & capacity planning

The 'lift-and-shift' of workloads from the enterprise data center to the cloud or the decision to relocate infrastructure to a third-party colocation facility can come with a variety of hurdles - such as; poor capacity planning across a hybrid network of data center real estate, a budget shift from CapEX to OpEX and concerns regarding the cost management, data sovereignty and security of outsourced capacity.

And, with the data center under increased pressure to reduce its energy consumption - what will this mean for the collection processing and storing of power-hungry algorithms and workloads dedicated to complex modelling?

As we host the world’s leading voices on hybrid IT and multi-tenant computing, we will ask:

  • Should the enterprise be cloud-first or workload-first?
  • Where do the greenest workloads reside, and how can we create more?
  • How is workload densification changing the landscape for DCOPS?

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