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Exploring what sustainability means in the data center context

For a data center to gain planning approval, avoid NIMBYISM and meet the ESG goals of the attached organization, it must emit the least amount of carbon emissions that current technology allows.

The exponential demand for computing power continues to thrust the data center in the spotlight for the proportion of energy ‘guzzled’, water consumed and land 'banked' by Europe’s largest builders of digital infrastructure; but can mega sector growth emerge harmonious with a path to decarbonization?

As we host Europe’s leading voices on carbon conscious computing, we will ask:

  • If the European energy crisis persists; will our net-zero future be knocked off-course?
  • How do you balance the need for emergency power in a climate emergency?
  • The microgrid, the fuel cell and the green genset: can operators be incentivised to make the cleaner choice behind-the-grid?
  • SMRs on the rise: will the nuclear-powered data center forestall climate change?

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