Blockchain firm Standard Power says that it will procure power for two data center sites in the US with nuclear energy.

The company this week announced plans to develop two facilities backed by nearly 2GW of energy from 24 small modular reactors (SMRs).

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– NuScale

Standard Power will work with technology provider NuScale Power Corporation, the only technology provider and producer of SMRs that has obtained US regulatory approval, and Entra1 Energy, an independent global energy development and production company, to support Standard Power’s two projects.

The facilities will be located in Ohio and Pennsylvania; NuScale will provide SMRs to the two locations. NuScale will reportedly end up providing 24 units of 77MWe modules collectively producing 1,848MWe across the two locations. Timelines for delivery weren’t shared.

“We see a lot of legacy baseload grid capacity going offline with a lack of new sustainable baseload generation options on the market especially as power demand for artificial intelligence computing and data centers is growing. We look forward to working with Entra1 and NuScale to deploy NuScale’s proven SMR technology to deliver carbon-free, baseload energy to address this large gap in the generation market,” said Maxim Serezhin, Standard Power founder and CEO.

“By bringing together Entra1’s superior strengths in project development and investment with NuScale’s proven SMR technology, consumers can reduce their emissions footprint and help meet decarbonization goals while delivering reliable 24/7 service to energy consumers.”

SMRs, which are also under development at companies including the UK's Rolls-Royce, have been proposed as a potential source of low-carbon energy for data centers which could effectively allow facilities to operate independently from the local grid. The NuScale Voygr design was the first SMR to gain final approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for deployment in the US earlier this year.

Entra1 Energy, a subsidiary of investment firm Entra1, is the exclusive commercialization partner of NuScale Power, after the two signed an exclusive global partnership last year.

Entra1 Energy has the rights to develop, manage, own, and operate energy production plants powered by NuScale’s approved SMR technology.

“Entra1 Energy has a strong global pipeline of energy production projects of multiple gigawatts of power generation with NuScale’s proven technology,” said Clayton Scott, NuScale chief commercial officer.

“Together, we can more effectively meet the growing demands for renewable, carbon-free energy solutions. With power demand growing in the semiconductor, AI, data, and other tech sectors, Entra1 and NuScale are uniquely positioned to supply baseload and reliable power.”

NuScale president and CEO, John Hopkins, added. “NuScale is excited to work with our strategic partner Entra1 to help deliver our cost-competitive and safe SMR technology to meet Standard Power’s carbon-free energy needs.

"By deploying our innovative NuScale SMR Technology to more consumers around the world, we’re taking an important step toward addressing the world’s enormous decarbonization needs.”

Standard Power has previously signed a deal with energy firm Energy Harbor Corp to place a data center at the latter’s Beaver Valley nuclear facility in Shippingport, Pennsylvania. The two companies previously formed an agreement to power Standard Power’s Ohio crypto-mining facility in Coshocton with nuclear energy from one of Energy Habor’s plants. Standard Power has partnered with LiquidStack to deploy its two-phase immersion cooling system in the facility.

Earlier this year Talen Energy completed construction work on a data center at its nuclear-powered Susquehanna data center campus in Pennsylvania.

Last month, DCD was the first to report that Microsoft is hiring SMR experts to help define its nuclear strategy.