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Evolving powertrain design to better support AI workloads

This session took place on May 14, 2024

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Evolving powertrain design to better support AI workloads

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In this episode, the interaction between AI workloads and data centre design and operations will be examined while considering upcoming technology developments. Explore the ways that technology advancements and the regulatory environment are influencing data center operations, from the large-scale perspective of utility area and grid restrictions to the intricacies inside the rack. In particular we will cover:

  • Power supply and infrastructure growth challenges to enable expanding AI initiatives and HPC deployments
  • Improving scalability opportunities while satisfying power requirements of AI workloads
  • Evolving rack architecture and what this means for power usage
  • How can we better mitigate risks associated with new workloads which raise the possibility of malfunctions and dangers?
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