Intelligent power management company Eaton is delighted to announce the launch of its new Rack PDU G4 (4th generation) that delivers the high security and business continuity data center that operators consider non-negotiable.

G4 reflects the in-depth research incorporating customer and marketplace feedback that Eaton has undertaken in order to create a PDU that not only takes cybersecurity to new levels, but also brings big increases in network and power redundancy, server capacity and operational flexibility – underpinned by reduced energy requirements.

“Data center designers have traditionally faced a guessing game when specifying the number of C13 (10 A) and C19 (16 A) outlets required, but Rack PDU G4 offers a unique solution,” said Eaton G4 product manager Matthieu Jaeger.

“Its innovative, combined C39 outlets securely connect both C14 and C20 power cords, backed by a built-in high retention system and a locking mechanism that secures the power cord. Nearshore manufacturing also means the Rack PDU G4 offers the advantage of a shorter lead time.”

G4's ability to control and measure the power consumption of up to 48 outlets on a single chassis, with one percent measurement accuracy for amps, volts and watts, is another feature developed in response to customer demand. This means the new PDU delivers greater accuracy for department billing, as well as colocation data centers.

“Critically, given that embedded devices are popular targets for cyberattack, this latest Eaton rack PDU protects connected servers from hacking and other disruption, and is backed by cybersecurity certifications obtained from independent authorities: UL 2900-1 and IEC 62443-4-2,” added Jaegar.

Network redundancy is another vital element to keep data flowing. G4 strengthens this with twin gB Ethernet ports to connect PDUs together. This saves on unnecessary IT infrastructure, such as extra switches and IP addresses, by enabling up to 32 daisy-chained PDUs to be connected to the network at both ends – minimizing the effect of 'early' breaks in the chain.

Power redundancy at PDU level has also been upgraded on G4, a new power sharing capability now enabling one PDU to power up the second network management and control module should it go down, while still powering the network to access its critical data.

Alongside dependable high performance, this energy saving PDU has been designed as a green solution end-to-end. Rack PDU G4's latching relay – available on the switched and managed model only – controls the power supply without continuous electrical input, cutting the power consumption required for a 48-outlet model rack PDU by 80 percent when compared with standard relay.

Rack PDU G4 delivers the flexibility, security, and dependable high performance which data center operators need in order to keep their businesses successfully running today, as well as in the increasingly data-driven economies of the future.