Today's digital transformation affects all areas of our lives and how we do business. As the backbone of this new digital world, the data center industry must lead the way in ensuring maximum performance with minimal environmental impact.

This requires constant innovation. Not just a new generation of electrical systems and tech, but the core ways facilities are being managed and operated.

DCD was invited to attend Eaton's 2023 Technology Summit to learn more and, in this eBook, we'll look at how the challenges, opportunities, and advancements uncovered there will shape this sustainable and digital future.

Read this eBook where our expert editorial team explore:

  • Disruptive data center developments
  • Addressing market challenges with a modular approach
  • How data centers can put their power infrastructure to work for utilities
  • Green data centers changing the status quo
  • The role of data centers in supporting renewable power adoption
  • And much more