The world's largest cloud company plans to limit access to its services in Russia and Belarus.

Amazon Web Services made the decision over the weekend, but did not publicly confirm it until the move was reported by The New York Times.

AWS Logo
– Sebastian Moss

“Given the current events and the uncertainty and lack of credit available in Russia right now, we’re not accepting new Russian AWS customers at this moment,” company spokesperson Drew Herdener said.

AWS previously highlighted the fact that it does not operate any data centers in Russia, and has a pre-existing policy not to work with the Russian government.

The move follows Internet backbone company Cogent pulling out of Russia, and rival Lumen reducing services. Cisco, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle have also suspended work in the country, along with Apple, Netflix, Sabre, Ericsson, PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa.

Content delivery network (CDN), Edge, and web infrastructure companies Cloudflare and Akamai this week said that they would continue to operate in Russia, arguing that Russian citizens need access to the Internet.

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