A new data center campus is being proposed in Mesa, Arizona.

First reported by the Mesa Tribune, landowner Pacific Proving LLC has proposed a 178-acre campus in the Phoenix suburb.

Pacific proving mesa II
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To be located east of Legacy Park, the campus will house six data centers containing 32 data halls totaling 1.4 million square feet. The site will reportedly offer 360MW.

An end-customer for the development wasn’t named. Pacific Proving’s pre-submittal meeting for the Pecos data center campus is scheduled for November 7.

One of the largest landowners in southeast Mesa, Pacific Proving bought the southern 1,800 acres of the former GM proving grounds in 2004.

Opened in 1953, the former GM Desert Proving Ground in Mesa was a General Motors facility for the testing of HVAC, propulsion, and other automotive systems in a desert climate. GM relocated to Yuma in 2009.

Local businessman William Levine acquired the 1,800-acre site in 2004 through Pacific Proving for $45 million. Part of the proving grounds was turned into the Legacy Industrial Park.

Phoenix is a major data center hub, with the Mesa area home to Polish software firm Comarch, EdgeCore, Meta, Google, Novva, Apple, and NTT.

Amazon is planning two campuses in Mesa; one is located on Pecos Road, close to this new proposal.

Across the rest of Phoenix, the likes of Stack, Stream, Prime, Aligned, Iron Mountain, Vantage, Compass, QTS, EdgeConneX, Expedient, and H5 are all present. Microsoft operates a cloud region out of the area.

Of the new proposal, District 6 Councilman Scott Somers told the Tribune: “Southeast Mesa has more than its fair share of data centers. Electricity, water, and land are limited and we don’t want to become oversaturated by a single sector that uses a lot of resources while producing few jobs.”

“This project requires annexation and rezoning,” he added. “We have a need for more job-intensive uses to achieve our vision of making the Gateway area a hub for high-wage, high-value jobs.”