Exploring effective measuring and reporting on the decarbonization journey

A tidal wave of regulatory upheaval across Europe, the growing scrutiny of efficiency metrics and challenges in carbon accounting continue to cause large scale disruption across the data center sector.

From the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive in Europe necessitating new reporting obligations on ESG impact to New York City’s Local Law 97 and California’s AB 2446 requiring new energy efficiency and GHG emission limits on carbon-intensive buildings, the current changes represent a significant overhaul of measurement and reporting requirements which open the sector up to brand new reputational, financial and legal risk.

In this broadcast, we will provide an update on the viability of efficiency metrics and unpack new sustainability-anchored regulation and standards set to impact the sector. We will also explore the difficulties which operators face in collecting high quality, consistent and accurate data required to ensure regulatory compliance, outline the role of software automation and digitalization in monitoring operational efficiency and introduce new tools designed to tackle the challenge of carbon accounting.

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