Christoffer Svanberg

CEO, Node Pole

Christoffer Svanberg is a business executive with over 20 years of experience in the telecom and utility industries. In 2021 he was appointed CEO at Node Pole, a leading investment hub for energy intensive industries in the Nordics. Node Pole is currently expanding its operations to become a one-stop shop for energy intensive operations that emphasises sustainability, need for speed-to-market and unlimited scalability.

Prior to this assignment, Mr Svanberg was the Chief Marketing Officer at Node Pole, as well as the Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Skellefteå Kraft. In this capacity, he has successfully transformed and developed Skellefteå Kraft to become the leading challenger in the Swedish market.

From 2000-2012 Mr Svanberg was part of the commercial management team at Com Hem transforming the cable company from a slow utility monopoly to a fast-moving, commercially very strong, customer-driven company. He started off his career at LEK Consulting.

Mr Svanberg holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Uppsala University, a BSc Management from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics

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