Carsten Baumann

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Solution Architect, Schneider Electric

As a Solution Architect at Schneider Electric, Carsten is helping clients with their Industrial IoT and Microgrid initiatives that achieve greater resiliency and sustainability objectives, while creating economic benefits. Prior to this role, he supported the consulting and engineering community by advising on resource-optimized energy management solutions in the data center market. He offers nearly three decades of experience in the data center, broadcast, telecommunications, AV and IT industry. Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Carsten held senior management positions with Barco, Leitch, Inc.

He started his engineering career at JVC Professional as a systems and maintenance engineer. His experience led to consulting positions with major corporations around the world, devising solutions to migrate and integrate their IT based digital infrastructures.

His papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals and he frequently speaks on national and international venues. In addition, Carsten served as President on the board of AFCOM Southern California and was chairman for The Global Society for Asset Management (G-SAM). Carsten holds an electrical engineering degree from the Theodor-Litt-Schule in Giessen, Germany.

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