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Fireside Chat: The reality of replacing diesel generators

This session took place on May 24, 2022

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Fireside Chat: The reality of replacing diesel generators

Achieving carbon neutral and energy efficient operations are top priorities for data centers, however despite efforts to move away from diesel generators, these legacy systems form a core part of the resiliency strategy for the majority of businesses. The practicality and CapEx required for an infrastructure overhaul are key roadblocks that are hindering the industry’s progress in moving towards greener fuel cells, however in order to future-proof businesses and meet the climate neutral data center pact by 2030, data centers must advance their move away from diesel generators. But how can this be achieved?

During this interview Compass will share their ambitions and industry leading perspective by discussing some of their findings from the feasibility study they have recently carried out with Schneider, to provide insight into the reality of replacing diesel generators. This discussion will shed light into how by using the right technology and identifying the retrofitting potential of data centers, businesses can carefully plan their transition and long term strategy for greener fuel cell implementation. This session will also explore how with the right approach, the move away from diesel generators can open up the opportunity to participate in ancillary grid services, leading to a future where data centers can become prosumers rather than consumers, and provide additional revenue streams.

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