Lee Myall is stepping down as CEO of the UK colocation company, Kao Data.

Myall, who became CEO of Kao in 2020, will become CEO of UK connectivity player Neos Networks.

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– Linkedin

Kao has not yet made any announcements about a replacement CEO.

The company opened its first data center at Kao Park in Harlow, just north of London in 2018 after an extensive development period. Myall was appointed to spearhead growth, and the company has opened a second facility at Kao Park, and a data center in Slough. The company promises a fourth data center is set for development later this year.

The company has high-profile customers, particularly in the science sector, including the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), which has 1.5MW of data center capacity at Kao Park.

Myall has a long career in the fiber, data center, and telco industries, having led the SaaS provider Wam!Net in Europe, before it was bought by Savvis in 2003, and then had leadership roles at fiber provider and cloud platform Interoute, and then Epsilon, a cloud and fabric connectivity platform.

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