Google has completed the expansion of its data center campus and cloud region in Singapore.

The company says that it has now invested a total of $5 billion in digital infrastructure in Singapore, up from $850m in 2018.

Singapore skyline
Google is spending big in Singapore – Getty Images

In a post on LinkedIn, Giorgio Fortunato, head of clean energy and power in Asia-Pacific for Google, said: "Google's investment will contribute to Singapore's economic growth, with businesses potentially gaining US$147.6 billion in benefits by 2030 through AI adoption."

Fortunato also noted that the data centers in Singapore are designed with "industry-leading features including efficient cooling and water management systems."

According to Google, more than 500 people currently work in Google data centers in Singapore.

The Google announcement adds: "This expansion of Google’s data center and cloud region infrastructure will help address the growing demand for cloud services locally and around the world," and that it will complement the "strategic initiatives" surrounding AI that Google and the Singaporean Government have made.

Google's data centers operate at an average temperature of 80.6°F (27°C) to keep employees and equipment comfortable while increasing efficiency. The data centers in Singapore are also said to use cooling systems that are "specially engineered to reuse recycled water for cooling multiple times."

Kate Brandt, chief sustainability officer at Google, said: “Data centers serve as the growth engines for digital progress by providing the foundation for digital transformation and innovation.

"The expansion of our data center campus in Singapore reaffirms our commitment to helping Southeast Asian organizations capitalize on digital opportunities while ensuring that growth is as sustainable as possible. Google is deeply committed to managing our environmental footprint, playing a key role in supporting a just climate transition, and helping to accelerate the global transition to a net-zero future."

The company's first data center in Singapore broke ground in 2011 and went live in late 2013. Work started on a second facility in 2015, which came online in 2017.

Google opened its first cloud region in Singapore in 2017, and launched a third availability zone in the city-state in 2018.

In 2022, the cloud giant launched a third data center, which came online two years later than originally planned, but is its largest data center development in Singapore yet. Construction started in 2018.

Last week, Google announced that it was investing $2 billion in developing its first data center and cloud region in nearby Malaysia.