EdgeConneX has been granted permission to build two more data centers in Dublin, Ireland.

South Dublin County Council (SDCC) last month granted the company permission to build two single-story data centers with office and service areas and three gas-powered generation plant buildings at Dublin’s Grange Castle Business Park.

edgeconnex dublin ireland.png
– EdgeConneX

The company filed for permission for the project early last year. The plans include demolition of an abandoned single-story dwelling, remaining agricultural shed, and derelict former farm building, and the construction of two data centers (12,800 sq m / 137,700 sq ft combined) and 24 standby diesel generators.

According to the company’s site, its Dublin EdgeConneX campus currently houses two purpose-built data centers with potential for up to five other new data centers totaling 170MW.

While the Dublin area and Ireland in general have become a major market for data center development, new facilities are likely to become less common in the future.

Ireland’s state-owned electric power transmission operator EirGrid has mposed a de facto moratorium on new data center developments in the greater Dublin area, saying it will only consider new applications for connection to the grid on a case-by-case basis in the wake of a Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) decision to limit their impact. The restrictions could reportedly last until 2028.

IDA CEO Martin Shanahan recently said new data centers “are unlikely to happen in Dublin and the East Coast, at this point.”

It's unclear from the SDCC documents whether EdgeConneX has already secured the required power from EirGrid for the new data centers.

AWS is reportedly facing pushback from one of Dublin’s local councils over its latest planned data center, which is requesting the hyperscaler prove another facility in the Clonshaugh Business and Technology Park won’t over-saturate the area.

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