Microsoft has been granted permission to build two more data centers at Dublin’s Grange Castle Business Park, Ireland, while EdgeConneX has submitted plans to build two more of its own on its campus at the same park.

Both companies already have a presence in the park, as do CyrusOne and Digital Realty.

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Microsoft expanding in Dublin

MS grange park DUB14 and DUB15.png
– Microsoft | South Dublin County Council |Brady Shipman Martin

The company filed an application with South Dublin County Council to demolish an existing single-story vacant house, garage, and outhouse and remove a temporary construction car park and construct a single Central Administration Building and two two-story data centers.

The two new facilities, DUB14 & DUB15, will be located west of the company’s DUB9, DUB10, DUB12, and DUB13 data centers on the MS campus. The two new developments will have a combined 56,246 sq m (605,000 sq ft) of floorspace – 28,072 sq m/302,100 sq ft for DUB14 and 28,173 sq m/ 303,200 sq ft for DUB15 – and include 21 diesel generators for DUB14 and 20 for DUB15.

The application was filed in November 2020 and granted in late March of this year.

EdgeConneX files to expand Dublin EdgeConneX campus

Meanwhile, EdgeConneX has also filed an application with SDCC to build two single-story data centers with office and service areas and three gas-powered generation plant buildings.

The plans would include demolition of an abandoned single-story dwelling, remaining agricultural shed and derelict former farm building, and the construction of two data centers (12,797 sq m/137,700 sq ft combined) and 24 standby diesel generators.

The application was submitted on February 23 and South Dublin Council has since requested more information before a decision is made.

According to the company’s site, its Dublin EdgeConneX campus currently houses two purpose-built data centers with potential for future expansion of up to five new data centers totaling 170MW.

This week the company announced plans for 20MW of expansion across six facilities in the US.