Australian Edge data center firm Edge Centres has expanded in Thailand.

“We have started work on the first of three locations in Thailand. EC61 Chiang Mai will be the first site to be deployed; closely followed by EC62 Phuket and EC63 Khon Kaen,” the company said on LinkedIn this week.

Edge Centres EC5, Albury.jpg
– Edge Centres

“There are around 30 data centers in the whole of Thailand, and all are located in Bangkok. Thailand has a total population of 70 million, with only 11 million local to Bangkok! Edge Centres is proud to have its first Thai location here [in ChiangMai] to support the rapid growth of digital businesses.”

The Australian firm provides modular ‘off grid’ data centers powered by on-site wind and/or solar power and connected to the main grid as backup. Each facility is equipped with just under 1MW of solar infrastructure, and 48-hour battery, and UPS backup equipment, which supports 64 1kW quarter racks. The company says the sites can produce more electricity than they use.

While traditionally focused on Australia, the company recently announced plans to expand into Asia, with the first Edge facility – known as EC31 – being built in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It also developing a facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The company previously said it is surveying sites in Johor, Ipoh, and Penang in Malaysia, as well as at locations in Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, and three locations in Vietnam. EC has previously announced plans to build two facilities in Japan though their status is unclear.

“The regional areas of Asia are as underserved as the regional areas of Australia,” EC CEO Jonathan Eaves has previously told DCD. “But there is no competitor; there is no DXN or Leading Edge in Asia, they [local data center developers] are very much focused on the hyperscale towns.”

The company has nearly a dozen projects in Australia and recently announced plans for a US roll-out.

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