DataBank is expanding its presence in Dallas, Texas, in the second expansion this year.

The company this week announced the fourth expansion of its Dallas Fort Worth Data Center, DFW3.

– DataBank

The expansion will add two data halls to the facility in Plano, totaling an additional 22,000 sq ft and 3MW. Data Halls 5 and 6 have a completion date set for Q2 2022.

“This expansion is the fourth and fifth data halls to be added to our DFW3,” stated Tony Qorri, VP of Construction at DataBank. “DataBank remains focused on providing enterprise-class colocation, interconnection, and managed cloud services. By continuing to grow our capabilities in a technology-concentrated business area of Dallas, we can adhere to the growing demand of more enterprise-class data centers.”

DFW3 is designed to accommodate a total of six data halls; the company opened the third hall at the site in July.

DataBank has been busy this year. 2021 has seen the company raise around $1 billion in secure notes across two raises and embark on an upgrade and expansion spree. Since the $750 million March raise, DataBank has announced plans to add more than 100,000 sq ft (9,000 sqm) and 15MW of capacity to its existing locations.

This year the company has announced expansions to existing data centers in Plano, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; twice in Salt Lake City, Utah; Kansas City, Kansas; and Indianapolis, Indiana.

The company he also been expanding its portfolio with new locations. A new facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota opened last month. It has also acquired a warehouse in Denver to convert into a data center, broken ground on another facility in Utah, and acquired a former Verizon data center in Orangeburg, New York, and announced a new data center in Virginia.

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