230 Days
Lansdowne Resort & Spa

Join 750+ Top Professionals Looking for New Technologies and Services and hear from 80+ Industry Experts Discuss the Future of Digital Infrastructure Deployment.

It's the Ultimate Discovery Experience for the Data Center Industry Supply Chain.

Here are just some of the companies that attended in 2022:

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  • This industry is evolving and accelerating at lightning speed, and the DCD conference program always seems to have its finger right on the pulse!

    EYP Mission Critical
  • We need to meet vendors face-to-face because we've always got more questions. And it’s not just about understanding the nuances of the tech - it’s about building the trust too. This new event model really helps me and my team.

  • I've been attending DCD>New York for over a decade because I get to meet all my supply chain in one place and I get a steer on what everyone else in the industry is seeing come down the line.