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Panel discussion: Will infrastructure-as-code ‘robotize’ the data center?

This session took place on October 14, 2020

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Panel discussion: Will infrastructure-as-code ‘robotize’ the data center?

With the need to deploy servers in minutes, not days for cloud-scale developers, a new approach to deploying infrastructure-as-code to manage and automate changes to servers, storage and networking could alter the need for traditional hardware in the modern, software-defined data center.

Attend this panel to better understand how infrastructure-as-code differs from the ‘software-defined’ data center and learn what impact an ‘up the stack’ transformation could have on the rack, grey floor and beyond.

Will the future of data center operations be labor-lite and AI-led?

Roundtable discussion | 2:00 to 2:50 PT

We invite you to join this roundtable directly following this conference presentation to continue the conversation, share your own insights and to find potential collaborators.
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