Middle East + Africa Data Center Development Award

Cat. #7, Project & Technology Categories
Entries Closed

The accelerating availability of the Internet has brought the requirement for data centers way beyond their original heartlands in Western Europe, North American and the established economies of Asia. As the requirement for data center services moves with this trend, how can the development of data centers in younger markets where the growth is strongest meet the requirement for service that is resilient, secure, efficient and agile? And how can development deal with possible resource and skills shortages, as well as natural and climate hazards?

The judging panel will be looking for data center developments that have pushed the boundaries in terms of design and construction in the context of specific local requirements and challenges. Development will be considered in terms of delivering a building that overcame any unique challenges and met or exceeded the original project objectives. It will also be judged in terms of making a positive social and economic difference to the regions it services.


  • To qualify, all or part of the project or initiative must be operational by 1st September 2021.
  • At least some of the work on this project or initiative must have been conducted in the 12 months before the entry is submitted.
  • If the entry is a project, vendors, consulting engineers and contractors can nominate projects on behalf of their clients and assist in the preparation of the entry, however the primary recipient of the award will be the project end-user/operator ("in collaboration with [partner/supplier]" if relevant).
  • If the entry is an initiative, the primary recipient of the award will be the person/people or company responsible for originating, developing and implemeting the initiative.
  • While this entry may include detailed updates of a project that has been submitted into the DCD Awards in previous years, entrants should take care to ensure that the main body deals with work undertaken within the specified time period.
  • Entries will only be accepted from the continent of Africa and Western Asia as far east as the Iran/Pakistan border.
  • Entry into this regional award category does not preclude entry into other global award categories for which the entry qualifies.