Enterprise Data Center Evolution Award

Cat. #2, Project & Technology Categories
Entries Closed

Enterprise are still managing and housing their IT on-prem but are increasingly alive to the alternatives. The enterprise portfolio may include a diaspora of on-prem, various cloud types and services, colocation and managed services. This Award seeks to reward this journey which may include data center new build, extension or modernisation, outsourcing, cloud and hybrid IT and which means enterprise continues to be far more than just a consumer in this landscape.

Success in this award category will be based on demonstrating to the judges a process of evolution that enables the enterprise to meet all the required objectives of its IT management and infrastructure strategy. Consideration will be given also to the adoption of options that are creative and innovative, and which provide added leverage in meeting corporate IT objectives.


  • To qualify, all or part of the project must be operational by 1st September 2021.
  • At least some of the work on this project must have been conducted in the 12 months before the entry is submitted.
  • The project must be undertaken specifically for or by an enterprise organization (financial services, healthcare, transport, logistics, retail, Government etc) to service their own IT requirements.
  • Vendors, consulting engineers and contractors can nominate projects on behalf of their clients and assist in the preparation of the entry, however the primary recipient of the award will be the project end-user/operator ("in collaboration with [partner/supplier]", if relevant).
  • The entry may include new build, extension, modernisation, virtualisation, consolidation, migration into colocation or cloud, hybrid IT evolution and associated projects either singly or in combination.

Past finalists include...