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Data Center Design Innovation Award

Cat. #5, Project & Technology Categories
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2021 Finalists:

Congratulations to our 2021 category winner: CSC LUMI Super-computer, Kajaani, Finland in collaboration with Granlund & Synopsis

The design and construction of the CSC 'state of the art' supercomputer illustrates how a project needs to factor in modifications mid-project. The HPC hardware and its specifications were only available midway through the design process, meaning design and construction were conducted side-by-side. The configuration of the structure was not able to follow the traditional raised-floor design, therefore the lower floor housed the power and cooling infrastructure and management, while the upper floor housed the IT hardware. The outer shell was also constructed without precedent. The resulting data center has a negative CO2 footprint as it is powered by renewables and its heat is drawn off to heat local buildings.