Nautilus Data Technologies is a global pioneer in data center technology, leading a fundamental shift in the data center industry.

​Nautilus’ patented design water cooling technology is at the core of its design, delivering a waterborne data center that operates more efficiently and less expensively than traditional land-based facilities while achieving higher environmental standards.

​The Nautilus technology was validated with the launch of Project Nautilus, the world’s first successful waterborne data center operation. Partnering with the U.S. Navy, Applied Materials, and Veolia, Project Nautilus demonstrated how its water-cooling technology reduces power usage, decreases air pollution, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, eliminates water consumption, and cuts costs.

The Nautilus vision is a reflection of its founder, Arnold Magcale, a U.S. Navy Veteran and recognized technology industry expert. Mr. Magcale combined his maritime expertise and military security knowledge with decades of industrial data center experience, to create the Nautilus design.

The first commercial Nautilus data center is named “Eli M.”  The waterborne facility is completing construction at California’s Mare Island Shipyard and will be commissioned in Fall 2020.

Nautilus Data Technologies with offices in Pleasanton and Stockton California.

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