Jack Pouchet

Vice President, Sales, Natron Energy

Jack Pouchet is the Vice President of Sales for Natron Energy. Jack works closely with major OEMs, large data center owners and operators, and leading mission critical engineering firms to help define, architect, and create opportunities for advanced battery and power technologies that improve day-to-day business and operational efficiencies. Prior to joining Natron Jack was engaged at Vertiv as the Vice President of Business Development. During his tenure at Vertiv Jack was a co-founder of the Hyperscale Solutions business, the highly successful platform that launched a global prefabricated & modular data center practice.

Jack brings over twenty years of related OEM power supply, power generation, distribution, and power product sales and marketing experience to Natron giving him a unique end-to-end perspective of the entire AC and DC power path.

Jack is a frequent industry spokesperson, author, and an active member of several industry and sustainability associations including the Infrastructure Masons. Jack has a Bachelor’s of Arts and MBA in Business Administration.

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