British Airways canceled 175* flights at London Heathrow amid a widespread IT outage.

The airline has suffered repeated outages over the past few years, impacting passengers.

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BA said that it was fixing undisclosed "technical problems" that impacted flights coming in and out of Heathrow. On social media, passengers reported being stuck on planes, and missing connecting flights.

The airline last suffered a major outage back in December, with a large number of long-haul flights impacted. Short-haul flights were grounded earlier that year, during a lengthy and disruptive outage in February.

In 2017, more than 75,000 passengers were impacted by a British Airways IT issue - that time, one of the company's data centers suffered an outage, and services failed to shift to the backup facility. BA took the data center's operator CBRE to court over £58m in losses, but the two groups ultimately settled out of court, with no admission to liability.

Months later, another BA IT failure caused major flight delays.

In 2019, at least 15,000 passengers across 84 flights had their journeys canceled due to a BA outage.

*This article has been updated to reflect the growing number of impacted flights.

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