Verizon has switched off its 3G service, becoming the last of the big three US operators to do so.

The operator switched off its 3G network on Sunday (January 1, 2023), which was in line with the carrier's expectations to retire its 3G network at the end of 2022.

Feature: What the 2G and 3G shutoff means for 5G

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It follows the decision by rival operators AT&T and T-Mobile to switch off their 3G services earlier in 2022, with all three carriers using the freed-up spectrum to improve 4G and 5G coverage.

It means that Verizon customers with devices that aren't supported by 4G LTE and 5G networks, will now be cut off from making phone calls, or sending and receiving text messages.

It's a common theme around the world with operators switching off 3G networks, which have largely become redundant as mobile data traffic usage has moved to 4G, and now 5G in more recent times.

Also last month, Orange Slovakia detailed plans to shut down its 3G network this year, while Lithuanian telco Telia Lietvua retired its 3G network, and Greenlandic telco Tusass also confirmed it will discontinue its 3G services in 2023.

Meanwhile, Telecom Italia shut off its 3G network in October, while other operators in Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, and South Africa have outlined proposed shut-off dates.

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