NTT has launched a new data center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

NTT GDC this week announced the launch of CBJ6, the sixth data center on the company’s campus in the city.

The new facility offers 7MW across 4,890 sqm (52,635 sq ft) and densities of up to 15kW per rack. The company has invested $50 million in the project.

NTT CNJ6 cyberjaya malaysia
– NTT GDC via LinkedIn

"After enduring several years of the pandemic, companies worldwide are now swiftly moving to make up for lost time. Particularly in Southeast Asia, many hyperscalers are keenly interested in establishing a robust IT platform,” said Takeshi Kimura, managing director of NTT Global Data Centers Holding Asia.

“They recognize that by selecting NTT as their partner - a company with longstanding responsibility for managing networks, submarine cables, and data centers in Asia, they can address many challenges and drive their business effectively.”

First announced in August 2022, NTT broke ground on CBJ6 the following month.

NTT expanded the 2.7MW Cyberjaya 4 in 2018 and began work on Cyberjaya 5 in 2019. CBJ1 offers 335 racks and CBJ3 offers 516 racks. CBJ2 has seemingly closed.

Work on the previous facility on the campus, CBJ5, was completed in 2021. Combined, NTT said the two facilities offer 20,000 sqm (215,280 sq ft) and 22MW.

Ho Yee Chung, managing director of NTT Global Data Centers Malaysia, added: “With CBJ6's launch, we believe we're the prime provider of data center services, offering modern facilities and expertise that the hyperscalers in Malaysia need.”

The NTT-led MIST subsea cable – an 8,100km cable connecting Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Thailand – is set to connect to the Cyberjaya campus. MIST will offer 200Tbps across 12 fiber pairs.