Netrality Data Centers has launched a new data center outside Kansas City, Kansas.

The company last week announced the opening of KC2-7801 Nieman in the Nieman Business Park in Shawnee.

netrality KC2-7801 Nieman kansas city
Netrality launches new data center at 7801 Nieman in Kansas City – Netrality

Spanning three acres, the facility currently supports 5MW of critical capacity, with expansion potential up to 12MW.

“The presence of a cutting-edge facility like KC2-7801 Nieman makes the Kansas City Metro region more attractive to tech giants, startups, and everything in between, promising a vibrant future for the local economy,” said Gerald M. Marshall, President and Chief Executive Officer at Netrality. “By attracting businesses that require robust, reliable, and scalable IT infrastructure, we’re fostering a climate ripe for technological innovation and a foundation for businesses to compete in today’s digital economy.”

Netrality acquired the site in late 2021. According to previous brochures, 7801 Nieman Rd was built in 1998; the two-story building totals 175,737 sq ft (16,300 sqm).

The site offers three diverse points of entry (POEs), four data halls, N+1 redundancy in backup power generation. The facility uses Aligned’s Delta Cube (Delta3) Arrays, a waterless and air-based cooling system.

The new data center is directly linked via dark fiber to Netrality’s Kansas City interconnection facility at 1102 Grand, offering sub-one-millisecond round-trip latency.