Greater Noida in India is set to get a new data center dedicated to quantum computing.

On August 11, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Innogress, a project promoter, for the Indraprastha Quantum Data Center (IQDC).

IBM Quantum Computer
An IBM quatum computer – Sebastian Moss

The IQDC has been proposed as a joint venture between Innogress and GAN Tech UK, about whom little information is available online besides that one of its directors, Priyanka Parimal, an Oracle consultant for HSBC, shares a surname with Innogress founder Sumant Parimal.

According to Innogress, the data center is planned to have a million-qubit-powered quantum computer. For now, no exact deadline has been released for this project, though Innogress claims to be aligned with the sector's leaders. It is worth noting that current leaders in the quantum computing race are still at hundreds of qubits, and Google and IBM's joint timeline for a 100,000-qubit computer is set for a decade. It is unclear whether GAN Tech UK has any prior experience with Quantum Computing, though Innogress is also 'promoting' a similar Quantum park in Gujarat.

Sumant Parimal, the founding partner of Innogress, said: "Our IQDC project mission is big where we aim to host over half of the present World’s computing power and data storage capacity through energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and high-performance Quantum Computers planned to be hosted at the proposed India’s first Quantum Data Center IQDC at Greater Noida.”

Parimal added that Innogress and GAN Tech UK are currently looking for quantum computing technology partners for the project, as well as investors for the project's capex currently estimated to fall between $300m and $500m. Google and IBM are investing $100 million in the 100,000-qubit computing project, which is a 10th of the computation power Innogress is planning.

The UP Government already has a data center policy that offers providers incentives to develop in the area. As a result, Noida is already home to planned or existing traditional data centers from providers such as NTT, Yotta, Adani, and STT, though none have been designed for quantum computing data centers.

According to Innogress's website, the company is a global research analyst to advisory firm and has credentials in areas including research, consulting, KPO services, and emerging tech including robotics, AI, and Quantum Computing.