Lamda Hellix, Digital Realty’s Greek unit, has announced plans for a fourth data center in Athens.

The company’s campus in the Greek capital currently comprises two carrier-neutral data centers totaling 22MW of capacity. Two more are in development.

Athen-3 Lamda hellix.png
– Lamda Hellix

The company said its third facility, ATH3, is currently under construction and set to be operational by March 2023. The company broke ground on ATH3 in October 2021 and said at the time it would be live by December 2022.

When completed, the company said it is expected to be the largest data center in the country, able to support up to 6.8MW of capacity within its 8,600 sqm (92,500 sq ft) facility.

The newly-announced fourth building at the campus, ATH4, is projected to deliver an additional 6.8MW of capacity when operational, currently expected to be 'sometime in 2024'. Both ATH3 and ATH4 will be connected to Lamda Hellix’s existing ATH1 and ATH2 facilities.

"These new facilities will add needed capacity and further strengthen the connected data communities that have developed in our data centers. Our continued investment in Greece will provide critical infrastructure for the country, which is necessary for the acceleration of cloud and content providers’ entrance into the market, and which further contributes to digital transformation and economic growth,” said Apostolos Kakkos, Chairman and CEO, of Lamda Hellix.

“Digital Realty is pleased to be expanding its presence in Greece, with ATH3 and ATH4 playing an important role in meeting the increasing demand for carrier-neutral data center capacity in this market. It’s an important part of Digital Realty’s integrated Mediterranean strategy, which will enable customers to build new network routes with lower latencies to Eastern Europe and Northern Africa,” added Bill Stein, CEO, of Digital Realty.

Lamda Hellix was founded in 2002. Originally built as a cable landing station, its first facility, Athens-1, opened in 2003 and was the first data center to gain a LEED v4 Gold badge. It opened Athens-2 in 2016, after weathering the Greek debt crisis.

The company was acquired by Digital Realty in November 2020. Earlier this year it announced plans for a 6.5MW data center on the Greek island of Crete.

As part of Digital Realty’s retiring of the InterXion brand, Lamda Hellix will also be rebranding to Digital Realty.

“Since the acquisition of Lamda Hellix by Digital Realty, we have committed significant resources towards integrating our systems, processes, and procedures, and we are extremely happy to now be able to rebrand to Digital Realty and focus on the common purpose that has solidified Digital Realty's presence worldwide: to help foster a unified global company whose mission it is to bring companies and data together, in bold new ways, to power the innovation determining our future," said Kakkos.

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