Nordic data center firm DigiPlex has opened a new data center in Norway.

The company this week opened its third data center at its Fetsund campus in Lillestrøm municipality in Norway.

Fetsund II
DigiPlex's second Fetsund data center – DigiPlex

The new facility offers close to 900 sqm (9,700 sq ft) of white space and has 3MW of capacity. The three facilities at the Fetsund campus total 6,000 sqm (64,500 sq ft) of floorspace and 16 MW of capacity.

The project was successfully delivered in under 12 months despite Covid-19 disruption, and DigiPlex is developing a new 6MW dual hall data center on the campus.

“Speed to market is a critical factor for our hyperscale clients. Our campus approach to data center design and construction allows us to be very agile and respond to these requirements with fast and flexible builds,” said Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex. “Completing a single data center in under a year is a huge achievement, announcing the openings of three in the last nine months, whilst battling the disruptions of global pandemic is extraordinary.”

The company now operates eight data centers across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, following the opening of the second Fetsund facility in September 2020, and the first data center on DigiPlex’s new campus site at Holtskogen outside Oslo in October 2020.