German colocation provider Datacenter One has opened a new facility in Dusseldorf.

The construction of DUS1 started in 2019 and the data center was put into operation in January 2020. The data center is now open to customers, and some tenants have already moved into the facility.

This is the fourth data center developed by Datacenter One since it was founded in 2016.

DUS1 data hall.jpg
A data hall in DUS1 – Datacenter One

Big-little sister

DUS1 currently has a total area of 3,600 sq m (39,000 sq ft) and is modular, so it can be tailored to a customer’s demands. Datacenter One says the facility can also be expanded to more than 10,000 sq m (110,000 sq ft) and 16MW if needed.

DUS1 is larger than its closest sibling LEV1 in Leverkusen (16 miles away). The colo says Dusseldorf has seen a surge in customer inquiries and the project was ideal due to LEV1’s proximity.

Wolfgang Kaufmann, CEO of Datacenter One, said: "With DUS1 we offer customers the best possible combination of proximity and distance between two data centers. Especially our customers benefit and receive the best possible service and flexibility for their data center needs.

"The enormous success of LEV1 was the driving force for DUS1 because it is a prime example of a regionally oriented data center."

Aside from DUS1 and LEV1, the company built its first two data centers, the 300 sq m (3,200 sq ft) NB8 and the 1,600 sqm (20,000 sq ft) GRP10, in Stuttgart.

In a partnership with interconnection company DE-CIX the colo has been offering its services in Leverkusen and Stuttgart. With the latest addition of DUS1, the company will now be serving DE-CIX out of the new data center.

Dr. Thomas King, CTO at DE-CIX said: "We want to be as close as possible to the customer, which is why regional centers such as Düsseldorf, Leverkusen or Stuttgart are becoming increasingly important for us.

"We see extraordinary potential in these German economic centers and are registering high growth at all locations in Germany. The expansion into additional cities is therefore a logical step. In the future, we will supply the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region through our new location in Leverkusen; further branches are already in the implementation phase."